the 2017 fearleaders

 We are proud to announce the official sponsors of our 5th returning year.
Without them, we'd be just another clown house without a pot. 

drenched in monster

You best believe, it takes a lot a heavin' to do the Butchers work, and so through partnership with our favorite watering hole, Atlantic Bottling, we will be serving up the refreshing flavors of America's most delicious and emboldening energy tonics!  


rendered with frankenzilla

Our dearest friend "Frank" is the wizard of 3D renders, and you'll see his handy work at the end of every Slaughterhouse video. This maniac has all the moves, so when you need something to virtually twitch, turn, terrify or titillate; his services are just a click away.


Told by Speak

As the search for our home continued, we encountered a storyteller hauntingly similar to ourselves. An entity with a voracity equal in perseverance, to the jaws of our attraction. And so the alignment was fixed, and our agent established. Speak brings clarity to the crude matter of our voicings. 

fed by zombie burger

Since the birth of our operation, the Biggs family has made Zombie Burger our official post-haunt destination, and this year we are stepping it up with free Friday and Saturday night shuttles to and from the downtown ZB location!
Zombie will also be featuring The Slaughterhouse burger throughout October. Save your meal receipt for $2 OFF one regular admission at the haunt.


operating at the barnum factory

Three years ago, my brother Al and I, went on a hunt for a centralized location in Iowa where we could set up shop for good. The best option wasn't available to us... yet. Then last year, after abandoning hope, we met the Barnums, and they offered us the keys to the castle. We love them, and they tolerate us!


blessed by riverbend

At the heart of Des Moines, one neighborhood has always generated the pulse of our fine city. Riverbend. And with the assistance and support of this fine organization we will open our doors with confidence. A percentage of all proceeds will benefit this fine historic district. 


Informed by Design

Assisting with preliminary approaches in the overarching structure of the project. Design Co. initiated the protocol for our architectural madness in the endeavor of All Hollows Eve. 

soothed with firetrucker

The floor gets mighty hot this time of year, and who better to douse the flames of our troubled minds than Iowa's own bad a$$, brigadiers of beer. That's right piglets, Firetrucker will be serving up a limited edition elixer in the name of Slaughter, which will be available at Z Burger in October.  


textured with the finished edge

A master work takes master craftsmen to achieve that finishing touch. That's why we have turned to our long time artistic allies, The Finished Edge to help push us over. You won't believe your eyes! 


tracked with tikly

When pigs are your business, you have an innate understanding of analytics. An animal has to be watered, fed and maintained from moment to moment. And in seeking the partner who could best mirror our internal practices, we found that Tikly hit our funny bone just right.